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The fiery heart - Rachel Mead


Tittle: Fiery Heart (Bloodlines #4)
Author: Richelle Mead
Genre: Fiction, YA, Fantasy, Vampires.
Pages: 420
Publisher: Penguin group
Format: Digital (Kindle)
Time to read it: 1 day
Language: English
Rating: 5/5

“Fiery Heart” is the fourth book in the “Bloodlines” series written by Richelle Mead. This is a spin-off series of her previous one “Vampire Academy”. Now our main character is Sydney, alchemist. Alchemists are secret society which protecting the humankind from evil, vampires. The alchemists have common enemy with Moroi and Damphir, and although they are not human and they will never see them as human they tolerate them. Their common enemy are Strigoi, the kind of vampire that kills for food and entertaining.

Despite Sydney’s efforts to stay away from her feelings for Adrian, they become undeniable. So, when Adrian and she think they will be able to pull it off since there is no one watching over their shoulders, Zoe comes to the picture. Zoe is Sydney’s younger sister, the one she wanted to protect from becoming an alchemist and more with all the things she has discovered over the past months about all the secrets they keep from their own kind. She has too many secrets to keep hidden from her family and the alchemist and not only her relationship with Adrian, let’s not forget about magic, cause even human magic is badly to alchemists. Therefore, between her assignments for her teacher and her way of doing things around the group which has started to be as family for her, Zoe starts having complaints about her behavior.

“Fiery Heart”, got me on a knot all the book because I saw that ending coming, but I did not want it to happen. Moreover, I think it is the first time that I see an ending coming and I do not care about it. I did not see this as a predictable book but more like something intentional, since all previous books have come to a positive ending you might thing it will not happen but when it does have the next book at hand.

The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead


Tittle: The Indigo Spell (Bloodlines #3)
Author: Richelle Mead
Genre: Fiction, YA, Fantasy, Vampires.
Pages: 401
Publisher: Penguin group
Format: Digital (Kindle)
Time to read it: 2 days
Language: English
Rating: 5/5

“The Indigo Spell” is the third book in the “Bloodlines” series written by Richelle Mead. This is a spin-off series of her previous work “Vampire Academy”. This time we follow Sydney, an alchemist, secret society which works on making the vampire world “invisible” to the human kind, protecting the humankind from evil, vampires. The alchemists tolerate Moroi and Damphir, however they do not engage with them more than what is strictly necessary, they are still evil. Nonetheless, they have a worse evil as common enemy Strigoi. However not many will be able to live among Moroi all day.
After discovering about the Warriors of Light, Sydney cannot stay put and needs to know more, specially about that rogue alchemist, Marcus, ever since that group mention him. How there can be no records from an alchemist going rogue or is it another of those secrets the alchemists hide from their own kind.
However, this is not what is complicating her life, her witch teacher is. An evil, really evil witch is looking for young uninitiated ones, really powerful, such as our dear Sydney to suck up their youth and power. Not forgetting about certain vampire falling in love with her, and she, an alchemist, having second thoughts about it, even if she would never admit it, or would she.
Did I say “The Golden Lily”, the previous book in the series, was addictive this was impossible to stop reading, impossible. I finished it in like one day and a half and it was a regular busy day for me but every time I had a pause moment I read, I could not help myself. The magic aspect of this book in addition to the efforts of Adrian of conquer Sydney, even though, we all know, since the last book she is already into him; makes the book the perfect combination of romance and kick ass, just as the previous series “Vampire Academy”. The difference being that our main character uses more her brains than her fists, which I can relate.
If you did not loved Adrian before you are about to fall hard for him now, he is so totally lovable, supportive, even shows change on him, in order to be a person Sydney would like to have in her life.

To sum up, a book to read in one sitting, from cover to cover. It is simply amazing.

The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead


Tittle: The Golden Lilly (Bloodlines #2)

Author: Richelle Mead
Genre: Fiction, YA, Fantasy, Vampires.
Pages: 418
Publisher: Penguin group
Format: Digital (Kindle)
Time to read it: 6 days
Language: English
Rating: 5/5

“The Golden Lily” is the second book in the “Bloodlines” series written by Richelle Mead. This is a spin-off series of her previous work “Vampire Academy”. This time the plot centers around Sydney, which we met on the previous series as an alchemist, an “agency” that works on making the vampire world “invisible” to the human kind, and that way they protect humans from evil, vampires. The alchemists tolerate Moroi and Damphir, however they do not engage with them more than what is strictly necessary, they are still evil. Nonetheless, they have a worse evil as common enemy Strigoi.

After what happened to Sydney and Adrian, Dimitry and Sonya, former Strigoi turned back into Damphir and Moroi by spirit, came to Palm Springs in order to investigate the possibility, or rather the lack of one, of turning back into Strigoi once they have been returned from that state. To help protecting Jill, Angeline another Damphir has come posing as their cousin, a rather particular Damphir since she is part of a rare group of Damphirs that mixes with Moroi and Humans.
In addition to that, the attack on her showed how useful magic can be, and without realizing she starts experimenting with her teacher more and more every day, questioning herself, but at the same time not wanting to get away from it. Also, little by little her closeness to Jill, Adrian, Eddie and even Sonya, Dimitri and Angeline, starts threatening her feelings and thoughts about vampires.
If she did not have enough, one of her classmates Tray, sets her up with the perfect guy for her, a smart-ass, cute into books and studying as much as her. Nevertheless, all those qualities do not really click even if it should.
All of this is top with mysterious people attacking her and Sonya on the street, calling the latest monster, revealing one of the best guarded secrets of alchemists, one not even most of them know.

“The Golden Lily” was a really compelling book, one of those you cannot put it down even when it is late at night or even when you are going to be late for something. The thing about this book is how they trapped you in, you are suck into the story and you just want things to move and resolve. Sydney’s character evolves little by little in this book, and I was probably faster than her into taking some hints but it is a character that I really relate too, at the same time. As for the other characters, you can see how close they are getting to her also and it is easier for them to consider her, since they do not have a belief in them against humans.

All in all, an amazing compelling book. I really recommend the book and the series.

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Wrapping up March and April, plus May TBR

Wow it has been a long time since I posted something, and I know I keep repeating myself but life happens and too many things too little time.

Therefore, I will be catching up on March and April. March was a good reading month, but April a disaster. I finished eight books in March, all thanks to Richelle Mead and her captivating spin-off series “Bloodlines”. I did not meet my TBR but once I finished “The Golden Lily”, which was the book in my TBR, I couldn’t stop myself for reaching to the next one in the series, and then the next, and so on until I was done with the series. That means I read: “The golden Lily”, “The Indigo Spell”, “The fiery heart”, “Silver Shadows” and “Ruby Circle”.

Luckily even if I felt kind of in no mood to keep going with another book, which we all know happens after series finish. I picked up “Gemina” the second book in the “Iluminae” series by Amy Kauffman and Jay Kristoff and there was no slump. I read the book, which has over six hundred pages in like four days, I couldn’t stop reading it, and I absolutely loved it.

Apart from that I finished two “Miracle morning books”, which are the ones I read during my miracle morning routine. I first finished “The Little Black Book” by Otegha Uwagba, a small but precious book with advice and good to have at hand. And then a Spanish book called “El mundo amarillo” by Albert Espinosa, which was an interesting book but I did not find it that its philosophy goes with me.

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That was all I read in March, as for April the first one in my list had to be “Obsidio” the last book in the “Iluminae” series, which came out on March and I preordered on Amazon.

Then I started “The son of Neptune” from which I only read a few pages, that way I would be continuing with the series “Heroes of Olympus” by Rick Riordan.
I also started and not finished “The Alchemist” by Paulo Cohelo and “The desire Map” by Danielle LaPorte, seeking for some peace and help on my reading.

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Therefore, this month, would be all about finishing books. I want to finish “The Son of Neptune” by Rick Riordan. “The Alchemist” by Paulo Cohelo and “The desire Map” by Danielle LaPorte. Next is “La Scelta” or “The Choice” in English, by Nicholas Sparks, which I started in February. After it will be “Night Child” the last book in the “Sweep”/” Wicca” series, which I have yet to finish since last year. And on the ranking on more time in my “to complete” pile is “Days of Blood and Starlight”, which I cannot even remember when the first time was that I picked it up.
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Last but not least my self-developing book of the month would be the Bohoberry book club pic for this month “Lunar Abundance: Cultivating Joy, Peace, and Purpose Using the Phases of the Moon” by Ezzie Spencer. This is the first month of this book club and I am really excited about it.
Thanks for reading,

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Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

Tittle: Bloodlines
Author: Richelle Mead
Genre: Fiction, YA, Fantasy, Vampires.
Pages: 421
Publisher: Penguin group
Format: Digital (Kindle)
Time to read it: 6 days
Language: English
Rating: 4/5

“Bloodlines” is the first book in the “Bloodlines” series by Richelle Mead, a spin-off series from his famous series “Vampire Academy”. The series will follow some of the characters that were introduced to us in the previous series.

Sydney’s reputation as alchemist has been tamed the moment she crossed paths with Rose. Now, in order to clean her image, she must cooperate with vampires again. She has to take care of Jill, new Dragomir princess, since there was an attempt murder on her person. So now it is Sydney and ------, as alchemists to take care of her, her guardian, Eric, and for some reason Adrian Ivanosk. However, things could not stay put and be normal, because weird things are happening in the zone, Moroi killed and tatoos that give special abilities.

I think “Bloodlines” was a nice book, I enjoyed it a lot. I liked the investigator nature of Sydney, I loved the humanity of Adrian and the hints of love story given. The plot was twisty, however a little predictable.

To sum up, a really enjoyable read. I know Vampires are not the “in thing” now but I highly recommend the book if you liked the “Vampire academy” series, since I also think this is a more mature book.

Frebruary Wrap Up & March TBR

Hello everyone,

Another month has come to an end. We have consumed two months of the year, already and my beginning in the year has not been the greatest. I have had health issues during both month, that together with my work schedule, which sucks, has not allowed me to move forward in most of my goals. One of my goals is reading 60 books, which I am not so sure I will be able to fulfill; however, I am going to still try it.

Last month I only completed two books. The first one I completed was “Safe Haven” by Nicholas Sparks, a book that captured me and which I loved very much. I was not that lucky with “La Scelta” or “The choice” by the same author. I do not know if it is that my Italian is rusty, which might be, or that the plot was not able to capture me right away, but I was not able to finish it.

35053441The other book I finally finish was “Getting things done” by David Allen. I liked this book and the method he explains and proposes, I liked enough to start implementing it right away as I read the book; however, as I will explain in the review I will be writing about the book, I thought it was at times a little tedious and long, which make it difficult to get through it.

As I finished this book, I wanted a little less “heavy” book for my morning routine, since I practice the miracle morning routine, I have started “Little Black Book” by Othega Uwagba. So far, I like the book, it is a perfect book to keep at hand with some little tips, which are great for any person that works, from home or an office, especially women.

That was all that I read in the last month, as for this month’s TBR I’m planning to get back into finishing and keep up with series.
First, “The golden lily” by Richelle Mead, second book in the “Bloodlines” series, which is a spin-off of the “Vampire Academy” series by the same author. Then, “The son of Neptune” second book in the “Heroes of Olympus” series by Rick Riordan, another spin-off series, this time from the “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” also by Rick Riordan.
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Then I want to read the first two volumes from Audrey’s Carlan series “Calendar Girl”, since it seems like one of those series I usually fly by.

After that I want to keep series I started a long time ago. The first being “Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard. I started the series like two years ago, and this month I want to read the second one in the series, “Glass Sword”. Then I want to wrap up a series, “The Raven Cycle” by Maggie Stiefvater by reading “The Raven King”, the fourth and last book in the series.
23174274    17378527
Last but not least I want to read “Gemina” by Amy Kauffman and Jay Kristoff, the second book in the “Iluminae” series which I started last year and loved. I pre-ordered the third book on amazon which comes out later this month, so I want to be able to read it first thing next month.
While I try to finish this ambitious TBR, I want to finish “Little Black Book” by Othega Uwagba, as part of my miracle morning and read “El Mundo Amarillo” by Albert Espinosa, an Spanish book from an Spanish author I was recommended to read by my therapist.
Thanks for reading,

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Strife - Cate Tiernan

Tittle: Strife
Author: Cate Tiernan
Genre: Fiction, YA, Romance, fantasy, witches, magik, coming of age.
Pages: 188
Publisher: Puffin
Format: Digital (Kindle)
Time to read it: 5 days
Language: English
Rating: 4/5

“Strife is the ninth book in the “Wicca/Sweep” series, a series that follows Morgan as she finds out about the existence of magik and her relationship with it. She discovers a new part of her life that threatens with run over everything else.

Weird things start happening and the only one that can be blame is Morgan who is uninitiated, since now Ciaran is on the run, and Selene and Cal dead. Hunter brings someone to help her out but her solution to things kinds of goes to extreme. Also, Alisa leaves the coven, since all the things happening scared her off.
“Strife” was a good book in the series but it got me lost a little bit. They introduced Alisa’s point of view which kinds of puts me off a little bit and all in all it was a little tedious to get through the book, since there was less action and no antagonist.

To sum up, a good book but a little weird. It does not mean that I should discourage you to keep reading the series.